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Lunching at a Gentlemen’s Club: Gold Club

22 Jun

Get ready folks, I’m here to tell you about the deal of the century. I have found a place that offers a buffet of food and women baring their breasts for $5. That’s right, five bones. For your post hump day workweek, Thursday and Friday, you can head to the Gold Club and spend your lunch break, from 11:30am-2:00pm with girls and all you can eat food.

Before I headed there for a friend’s birthday and my first time, I received these pearl necklace words of wisdom from my friend Irvin of Eat The Love via his Twitter:

There are 3 stages of dining at all-you-can-eat buffet at the Gentleman’s Club “The Gold Club” here in SF

Stage 1. The food. You go to the buffet & marvel that the food looks decent & edible (it’s relative).

Stage 2. The entertainers. Once you’ve eaten a little, you start to marvel at the dexterity of the women.

Stage 3. The clientele. Pole dancers novelty wears off. You look around & get creeped out. Time to leave.

Plus, really, who can give you advice about a female strip club better than a straight woman and a gay man? Let’s continue, I arrived well prepped and ready and with a stack of singles. Five of them went to the person just past the door as an entrance fee. Once I entered, my eyes went straight to stage one, the buffet. I am a foodie, above all else. I was curious, what would be served? There is actually a Meet Chef Juan page on their website and apparently he comes from The Globe and Tres Agaves. I instantly found myself on a hunt for a double entendre as much as for actual stuff to fill my plate. Along with fried and baked chicken there was a plethora of humorous undertones: biscuits and cookies, taquitos and churros, there was also a tossed salad and a fruit salad. My mind was chuckling in the most juvenile of ways.  I stuffed pineapple in my mouth and laughed about knowing what that is good for (it makes you taste better), I spread butter on my biscuits in a giggle, and when it came down to sitting and watching the show I was riveted.  The birthday girl that I was with got motorboated by a stripper and a good time was had by all.  Although, just as Irvin warned, I went into stage three and started looking around at the crowd. The men in suits had gone back to their offices and the crowd of regulars left, well, left something to be desired. Time to go, I finished my last whiskey and walked out into the sunlight of day. If you are looking for that dreamlike effect that normally comes from a weekend night bender or seeing a movie in the middle of the day, then head to Gold Club at the tail end of the workweek. It is a great deal, but just remember don’t stay too long!