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Delicious Dates in The Sunset

21 Mar

I was going to start my date guide in the Mission, but that is too simple. If you want to ride off into the sunset of love with a date, then we might as well equip you with 3 delectable dates in the Sunset. Even though the Sunset is the largest district in San Francisco, it is often forgotten about and more trendy neighborhoods take over. However, the Sunset has some truly delicious options.

How about we… Eat a giant bowl of pho and have milk tea boba

Call me crazy, but nothing says romance to me like an extra large bowl of beef noodle soup and slurping up tapioca balls from a cold milky beverage. My favorite pho place is in the city, based solely on their broth, is Pho Huynh Hiep 2 – Kevin’s Noodle House on 19th and Irving in the Outer Sunset. The hint of cinnamon and blend of herbs in the beef broth taste as though it has been simmering for hours with a richness and depth of flavor. It is the perfect dish to warm your date’s heart.

How about we… indulge in A Taste of Persia feast

Lavash is one of my favorite Sunset finds. It is remarkably good Persian food in a homey setting. For a date, ordering “A Taste of Persia” special ($34.95) for 2 people is ideal. It is a variety of flavorful skewers from meat to veggie. Admit it, meat on a stick is just fun. I think we all fell in love with Mary and got that “something” when she suggested that there should be more meat on sticks. I am also obsessed with their jeweled rices that have been bedazzled with barberries and raisins. If you feed a girl some jeweled rice she will be more likely to vajazzle you….just sayin’

How about we… pack a picnic for Ocean Beach or Golden Gate Park

The best part of the Sunset is Ocean Beach and it’s Golden Gate Park border. Outdoor dates are good and all but I want food from the inside. The Handy Deli is a very handy market to have around before you head out on a picnic. Handy market has $4-$5 sandwiches, and the addition of soda and potato chips only tacks on 50 cents more. The deal is all that and a bag of chips. There is also soda and candy from all over the world and pirogies. A huge variety of my favorite lubricant (alcohol) fills the shelves. Brown bag some beer, bubbly, or wine and pack your bag.