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Cupcake Challenge Coming to San Francisco

23 Feb

It’s award season and it is also my first February in many years not living in LA. I miss the excitement of Hollywood during the Globes, Grammy’s and Academy Awards. Thankfully, I just got word that one of my favorite events has followed me up to San Francisco and that is the Cupcake Challenge. I was a judge last year in LA and it was some serious business. I have never run a marathon but I am sure the experience is similar. Exciting build-up, adrenaline rushing, a sugar high peak, extreme exhaustion, wondering if you can finish, and then a disbelief that you made it through. That’s right, I am a food baller.

Last year, I tried bites from 40 cupcakes. I left in a sugar coma and wanted nothing more than vegetables and meat. I kept telling everyone: “I survived.” I had a dumb grin on my face and kept repeating to myself: I made it. I went to battle. I survived.

It was such an event that I am so happy to have experienced it. San Francisco, let me offer up some words of advice and get you ready for San Francisco’s first ever Cupcake Challenge.

Here’s all the info from the organizer Drink:Eat:Play:

SF Cupcake Challenge

Lets get reaaaaaady to rumble! The baking gloves are coming off as the best bakeries from around the Bay Area will compete for the title of “best cupcake” in three categories:  traditional, original, and overall. Attendees will have an opportunity to taste and judge dozens of bakeries’ best submissions and finally put to rest which bakery makes the best cupcake.  The competition will take place March 6 from 1pm to 4pm at Mezzanine in San Francisco

Tickets are $40 and can be purchased here


Here’s my personal advice:

  1. Bring tupperware and lots of it.
  2. Take a bite of each cupcake so you can score and judge, but take the rest to go.
  3. Plan what you will eat for a “real” meal afterward ahead of time because your brain won’t be working properly after the event. I rarely recommend vegan restaurants but on this occasion I make an exception. You can have meat but make sure lots of veggies are included in your post-cupcake meal.
  4. Eat a light meal ahead of time, like soup and salad.
  5. Score as you go along.

Alright, those are my frosting pearls of wisdom. Good luck and I hope those cupcakes make you cream and bring you to a mission fruition!