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Win A Foodie’s Dream Camera: Sony Cybershot WX9

23 Jun

I have already written quite extensively about my love affair with the Sony Cybershot WX9. Yup, that is actually my camera looking ever so sexy propped on my sheets. The fine folks at Sony Electronics are allowing you a chance to get nice and intimate with a camera all your own.

This is a camera with a gourmet food setting, a soft skin setting that can do more for your skin than any chemical peel or expensive makeup, and a 3D panorama sweep for the money shot.

The term “food porn” is as overused as the grotto in the Playboy Mansion. Side Note: I’m so sorry Hef, how dare your fiancé have an affair with Dr. Phil’s son and call off the wedding. However, this site is called Mission Fruition and there’s nothing in the world that I love more than when a bite, a description, or a photo of food can stimulate every ounce of your being.

That’s it, all you have to do to win this phenomenal camera is bring me to fruition with the best food porn entry.

You must post a comment with any of these three things:

  • A link to the sexiest food picture that you know of (you don’t have to have taken it)
  • Write a sultry description of what food you most want to photograph and describe why
  • Describe the most luscious bite of your life
It is not mandatory but you should also be following me and Sony Electronics on Twitter. I will choose a winner next Wednesday, June 29th, at 11:59 p.m.