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Delicious Dates in The Sunset

21 Mar

I was going to start my date guide in the Mission, but that is too simple. If you want to ride off into the sunset of love with a date, then we might as well equip you with 3 delectable dates in the Sunset. Even though the Sunset is the largest district in San Francisco, it is often forgotten about and more trendy neighborhoods take over. However, the Sunset has some truly delicious options.

How about we… Eat a giant bowl of pho and have milk tea boba

Call me crazy, but nothing says romance to me like an extra large bowl of beef noodle soup and slurping up tapioca balls from a cold milky beverage. My favorite pho place is in the city, based solely on their broth, is Pho Huynh Hiep 2 – Kevin’s Noodle House on 19th and Irving in the Outer Sunset. The hint of cinnamon and blend of herbs in the beef broth taste as though it has been simmering for hours with a richness and depth of flavor. It is the perfect dish to warm your date’s heart.

How about we… indulge in A Taste of Persia feast

Lavash is one of my favorite Sunset finds. It is remarkably good Persian food in a homey setting. For a date, ordering “A Taste of Persia” special ($34.95) for 2 people is ideal. It is a variety of flavorful skewers from meat to veggie. Admit it, meat on a stick is just fun. I think we all fell in love with Mary and got that “something” when she suggested that there should be more meat on sticks. I am also obsessed with their jeweled rices that have been bedazzled with barberries and raisins. If you feed a girl some jeweled rice she will be more likely to vajazzle you….just sayin’

How about we… pack a picnic for Ocean Beach or Golden Gate Park

The best part of the Sunset is Ocean Beach and it’s Golden Gate Park border. Outdoor dates are good and all but I want food from the inside. The Handy Deli is a very handy market to have around before you head out on a picnic. Handy market has $4-$5 sandwiches, and the addition of soda and potato chips only tacks on 50 cents more. The deal is all that and a bag of chips. There is also soda and candy from all over the world and pirogies. A huge variety of my favorite lubricant (alcohol) fills the shelves. Brown bag some beer, bubbly, or wine and pack your bag.


Most Romantic Foodie Dates

17 Feb

My artichoke heart and hearts of palm V-Day dip

We are still in the month of February and love is still in the air. I have recently written about S.F’s Best Restaurants for a First Date and Eight Dishes to Get Your Valentine Thinking About Sex, so I guess that makes me an expert on food and love. One question: Why I am never fully satiated with either and still on the hunt for delicious food and a delicious lover? True Story:  I once had a guy work on a comic book for me called The Insatiables.

Let me steer men and women to foodgasms and orgasms alike, and hopefully polish myself off at the same time. In my experience, people that are passionate about food are passionate about love making. Foodies make the best lovers! So here are three different date ideas to indulge in some good food and land yourself a foodie.

Date #1: How about we…head to Tartine and share a banana cream tart.

Photo Credit: BrasilPo P. on Yelp

Tartine can be trite, there is always a line around the block, and since the New York Times deemed it the “Best Bakery in America” it is a top foodie destination. So, why am I recommending this place? First, it does give you some foodie street cred. Secondly, it is a damn good bakery and the dish that I am talking about is perfect. Bananas in cream, is just as sexy as it comes. Hot apple pie is for teenagers, banana cream pie is for lovers. Grab a fork for each of you, dig into the flaky crust, and go to town on the sweet creamy filling.

Date #2 How about we…sit at the Hog Island Oyster Co. bar and slurp oysters together.

Photo Credit: Katherine C. on Yelp

Anyway you shuck it or serve it, oysters are sexy. A well-known aphrodisiac that has reminded us of lady parts for centuries just happens to be the most elite of foods meant for the most refined of palates. If foodie was a religion, then the Ferry Building would be it’s Mecca. The Hog Island Oyster Co. in the Ferry Building is an institution in itself and is the perfect place to have a date. The guys will do the heavy shucking, you and your date just get to slurp away and let the slimy goodness work its magic.

Date #3 How about we…head to Tony’s and eat a meatball pizza pie, eh?

“When the moon hits your eye
Like a big-a pizza pie
That’s amore”

The two things we are talking about, food and romance, the Italians do very well. A date in San Francisco’s very own Little Italy, North Beach, is a date worth having. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana is by far my favorite pizza in this city. I am a meatball girl (how am I still single?) and my favorite pizza is the Soprano with Tony’s famous meatballs on top, I also have them add on some ricotta. I think of Tony Soprano, my mouth experiences great things, I down a couple glasses of chianti, and even if my date happens to be lame I come out a winner. Between meatballs and a circular pie, I will be having a ball and so will you!

These three date options will charm the pants off of any foodie and if, for any reason, it doesn’t you will at the very least go home feeling that the food satisfied you!

Pagolac Packs A Lotta Beef

1 Dec

“I may be ugly, but at least I am not a bitch like you.” “Why aren’t you smiling, bitch?” These were the greetings I received on my two most recent trips to the Tenderloin. Other weaker souls may be scared to revisit such parts of town after such verbal attacks. However, I am a food baller, I shrug it off. Nothing can get between me and good food at a great price. After first hearing about Pagolac and their “7 Courses of Beef” for $16, I knew that this was at the top of my restaurants to try list. I just finished the brilliant Patti Stanger’s Become Your Own Matchmaker book and she recommends that you kill two birds with one stone: if there is something you have always wanted to try you add it to a possible date list. That way, when a guy says to you, “What do you want to do on a Friday night?” you have a list full of answers. Examples: I have always wanted to go wine tasting, go horseback riding on the beach, or try that cute Italian restaurant on main street. When my date approached me with the question recently, I had one answer: 7 courses of  beef in the T-loin. The date was set and I was starving, excited to cross this restaurant off my list. Walking in, there’s an aesthetically stark (antithesis of Starck) dining room, packed only with people, and you add your name to the list at the front table. We knew what we were ordering far in advance but I wanted to get the night rolling with Goi Cuon (fresh spring rolls). Jdates are always funny because I feel the need to ask, “Are you kosher?” Many of us, Jews, eat pork and shellfish but having the two wrapped in the same roll is doubly bad, which means extra awesome.

I was going on and on to my date about how we got to roll the rolls ourselves and was a little saddened when these babies came out already rolled. However, when the first of the seven courses arrived it became clear that we were the master rollers and cooks for the rest of the evening. The first course was citrus marinated rare (read: raw) beef in onions, basil, and peanuts. All of the classic Vietnamese flavors were present and I was in heaven.

The next five courses were all a bit of a delicious blur. There was rice paper ready to be dunked in warm water to turn malleable, beef ready to be dropped into a broth and later grilled to cook, a bowl of veggies and herbs to use, and a fish sauce to dip it in. I am a strong believer that being tactile with your food increases the enjoyment of the meal and this was my playground. I was rolling out these babies non-stop. I am not sure if I talked to my date during this process, but I am sure that I was doubling up on meat in my concoctions. It is fair to say that my date had one piece of beef for every two that I had. What can I say? I am food baller, I could man the grill and roll like a pro. After the cooking process, courses four, five and six were all served on the same plate. There was onion wrapped beef, beef wrapped onion, and a beef sausage in a pepper leaf. Of course, we devoured all of these but they didn’t come close to my cooking in the second and third courses.

I was overly stimulated and having so much fun that something needed to slow me down and bring me home. Course seven did just that; it was delicious beef porridge. It was lighter than Chinese congee and was delicate while it warmed my tummy and closed my palate. I happily made it through seven courses of beef. It was quite an experience. Sure, I could have asked my date to take me on some other great adventure but in my mouth I just traveled to Vietnam and my childhood in seven courses of beef and for only $16.


655 Larkin St
(between Ellis St & Willow St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin

(415) 776-3234

Hungry Girl and a Thirsty Guy: Christmas in Vegas

27 Dec


Christmas is normally a time for family but this year was a little different. I hate tradition and really am not big on holidays so I decided to take a mini vacation to Vegas. In the past, after big vacations I tend to do something drastic; I have moved and bought cars immediately after returning from international trips. After being back in the states for not even a week I made a plan with the boyfriend to go to Vegas for Christmas.

We have both been several times but I knew that neither one of us knew each others Vegas. You see, I am a Hungry Girl and he is a Thirsty Guy. No, I am not THE Hungry Girl, but I do love her site and am always interested in lower calorie foods so I can eat more in terms of quantity. Anyway, what I am saying is I know Vegas’ 4-5 star hotels, the best buffets, and shopping. He knows downtown, cheap drinks, and told me about bacon martinis.

For those interested the bacon martini is at Double Down Saloon, I only got down a sip before passing it off and actually asked for ass juice instead (another speciality drink-don’t be vulgar).

I have to tell you I get why foodies love bacon, and I am sure many of my fellow Uncouth Gourmands do too, but I just don’t. It’s not because I am Jew because I do love me some sausage. I am just not crazy about bacon. But I do have good Uncouth Gourmand news for bacon lovers that goes beyond the bacon martini…I found bacon chocolate in Vegas. Yup, there is a company called Vosges Haut-Chocolat in the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops that produces it. When I went in to pick up a catalogue and a business card up for this blog a women walked in and told the sales lady (note: this is Christmas Day) : “Talk about a Christmas miracle, there is a God and he combined my two favorite things.” I smiled because I know the feeling. I feel that way about so many foods. For example, Magners Cider which combine my favorite things: apples, acidity, and alcohol. I am reminded of that because I got it at Molly Malone’s on tap just outside Vegas on my way home today. In Dublin, I discovered it and I fell in love with it. Although, there it is called Bulmers. I remember making Josie try it at The Globe in Dub and she said, “Ewww, it tastes like vinegar” and I replied, “I know that is why I love it, it has been my dream in life to have a vinegar collection.” That is true. I think it is the perfect thing to collect. You can collect it on your travels, it ages well- like wine, it comes in cool bottles, and many different flavors.

Oh yes, I wrote this entry to discuss relationship differences between foodies and their significant others that are not so food enthusiastic. I know Josie understands because I have heard her boyfriend question how we can eat two dinners on a daily basis. My boyfriend gets mad when I call him and am chewing on the phone and he has to tell me every time we dine “chew, chew, swallow, talk.” I have been using the “Baby, I am the co-founder of the Uncouth Gourmands” line but I think it is wearing thin. Once Josie hosted a dinner party and we double dated. When the food was ready, one of our boys said, “Ladies first”. Josie, without skipping a beat, looked at me and then looked at them and said, “Are you sure? If we go first there probably will be no food left.” I laughed because it was true.

Anyway, I was concerned about this dilemma on our trip. (Okay to bring it back to Jews and pigs here is joke: What do you call a Jewish dilemma? A free ham). It is not a major problem he is just thirsty and I am just hungry. I remember swooning when we were first getting to know each other and he said he loved to have champagne dinners. It turns out he just drinks the bottle for dinner. That is fair, but this girl needs more than liquid to fill her belly and food takes up 85% of my thoughts each day.

So how did we do? We did great! It was better than the Great Compromise. I drank way more than usual and he ate way more than usual. I suppose that is just vacation or just Vegas but still it was wonderful. I had 4+ plates at the buffet (many more if you include bowls- soup and pudding) and he had one maybe two. I would like to think that I beat that ratio when it came to drinking but I doubt it. My first gift when I woke up Christmas morning was nausea but it was worth it. When I told him that I drank too much and had 10 drinks the night before, he said if I am able to count I didn’t do good enough. Funny, because while I can count the number of drinks I can’t count how many plates/bowls I had at the buffet. Anyway, in a non crude way and referring to Vegas, he showed me his and I showed him mine.

Anyway, great trip and I hope everyone’s holidays were equally wonderful!