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Be a Chef: Enter the Pub at Ghirardelli Square’s Burger Contest

31 May

The P Mack

Aspiring chef? Well, here’s your shot at the big time. Get your burger on The Pub at Ghirardelli Square‘s menu for six months and win a $200 gift certificate. That’s free money, people! The Pub, better known for barbecue, tots, and mac ‘n’ cheese, also serves up quite the burger. When owner Scott Broccoli’s wife was pregnant and wanted Mickey D’s, he invented a take on the Big Mac and called it the P Mack. Thinking it might appeal to more than the knocked up, he started selling it at the Pub. In Cute Dad News, when his daughter was born, Chef Broccoli added a baby-sized slider version to the menu. Adorable story? Hells yes. Now it’s your turn to submit your own original burger. Your recipe must include eight ounces of premium ground beef, be cooked over an open flame, and be served on ciabatta, sesame roll, or sourdough bread. They also ask that you keep the ingredients under $15, so don’t go all crazy adding expensive shit like mayonnaise made of gold.

Last year’s winner was the Espresso Burger, which featured an espresso and brown sugar dry rub, blue cheese, garlic mayo, bacon, and onion rings. Dang. To join its ranks, submit your favorite original beef patty burger recipe to Burger.ThePubSF(at)gmail(dot)com by Tuesday, June 7. For full deets and fine print, check this out.

Full disclosure: Carina Ost helps the Pub with social media efforts and will be on the panel to help pick the winner.

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