The purpose of Mission Fruition is to try to get to the optimal point and reach the elusive foodgasm. It is the exact moment when you bite in and for that second you know, for certain, that all is right in the world. Every flavor and texture in your mouth goes perfectly together and you reach the ultimate nirvana. All you can see is white and you know that chefs are godlike and you are simply in awe of your own ability to be humbled by food.

Since my favorite process of food is the dining aspect most of these posts will be restaurant based, with the exception of some items in the grocery stores/farmer’s markets and the rare occasion when I am ready to brave the dishes and cook for myself.

If there is one thing I love more than food it is words. I think we have seen with George Dubya the problems with using the term “Mission Accomplished.” The beauty of Mission Fruition lies  in the word “fruition”, which has been my absolute, number one, favorite word since high school. I happen to be a lover of both fruit and completion. Fruit components in any dish has been known to whet my palate. F is also my favorite letter and 8 the number of letters in the word is my favorite number. And after 6 years of living in LA, I am now SF based and have brand new restaurants, shacks, carts, bars, and lounges to tackle in brand new neighborhoods…including the Mission.

Booyah, Mission Fruition is the best name ever and it rhymes!

Follow me on this journey with open eyes as together we aim to reach a Mission Fruition!



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