Pasta Gina’s Vegetarian Pâté

20 Jun

Pasta Gina's vegetarian pâté, $6.95-$12.95.

​Perhaps it is because we are in withdrawal with our vegan contributor on vacation, or maybe there is nothing we love eating more than an oxymoron, but one of our newest food finds is vegetarian pâté from Pasta Gina in Noe Valley. It’s the gourmet-to-go spot for moms with strollers that stray on Diamond from 24th Street on days when they don’t want to cook or go out to eat. The porcini ravioli is a lifesaver: When unexpected guests come over, drop the ravioli in boiling water and have a gourmet meal in a matter of floating minutes.

Pasta Gina’s vegetarian pâté is the shop’s newest hit. It is made with artichokes, mushrooms, almonds, parsley, carrots, thyme, and other herbs and spices. It is mixed with eggs for the binding element, so it’s not quite vegan, although Gina’s artichoke and mushroom spread passes the no-animal-product test. This pâté reminded us of a garden version of foie gras and made us utter these two words: Damn, Gina! The shop doesn’t always have the pâté in the glass case, so call in advance. You can buy a half-sheet for $6.95 or a full one for $12.95.

Pasta Gina 741 Diamond (at 24th St.), 282-0738

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