Next Week: Tillamook’s Grilled Cheese Tour Takes Over San Francisco

9 Jun

Mac 'n' cheese grilled cheese, if you please.

​Tillamook cheese kicked off its S.F. Loaf Love Tour with a stop at, duh, the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen.

The American’s Commander-in-Cheese, Heidi, got the party started with a reveal of its new sandwich, the mac ‘n’ cheese grilled cheese. Take that in for a second. Okay, now we can proceed. She was quick to mention that the American didn’t invent this concept, but was hoping to make a second appearance on This Is Why You’re Fat. The sandwich came about because of a love the staffers share for tinkering in the kitchen. One employee known for particularly wacky inventions emerged from the test kitchen one day with a mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich. “Look what I made!” she exclaimed, and they were all very impressed. Oh, and they wanted to share it with us. Sweet.

Heidi’s version of the monstrosity features a mound of mac and cheese, bacon, and jalapeño between two slices of cheese and bread. Insanity. Because it’s a major grilled cheese question, we have to know how Heidi feels about mayo vs. butter. She says that while mayo is easier, she always goes with salted butter, preferring the taste. The more you know!

An equally important question: How can you get in on the Loaf Love Tour? Easy! Next week, June 11-18, is Tillamook Sandwich Week, and five restaurants are participating. Get your melt on!

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen
Tillamook signature chef Heidi Gibson is featuring the Mac ‘n’ Cheese Grilled Cheese ($8). In traditional American fashion, they vow to use a different mac ‘n’ cheese each day. According to Heidi, “By [next] Saturday, things should get interesting.” If you want to know ahead of time, check the Twitter feed.

Ironside will offer Tillamook Monterey Jack on its Northern Bison burger and Pacific Pastures grass-fed beefburger. (Market price $15.)

Nickies is melting a crispy chicken sandwich with a trio of Tillamook Monterey Jack, medium cheddar, and sharp cheddar, served with a side of fresh-cut fries or bleu slaw ($9.50).

Chef Joseph created a bacon and tomato sandwich featuring melted Tillamook medium cheddar on grilled sourdough.

Brown Sugar Kitchen
Owner and chef Tanya Holland created a smoked vegetable muffaletta topped with Tillamook Monterey Jack.

Our advice: Make a little love, eat a little cheese, and get melty next week!

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