Disco Balls Out, Army Tents In: Opening Report from Churchill

2 Jun

Churchill in action.

Last night was the official opening of Churchill, the new bar from the Double Dutch and Bloodhound guys, in the old home of the Transfer and the Bar on Church. In an effort to get straighter than its previous (awesome) inhabitants, the new bar is not a “gay bar.” If Blackbird is middle ground, then Churchill is super butched up. The space, previously occupied with poles and disco balls, is now home to training ropes on the ceiling, a pool table in back, and couches made from old Army tents. This is a WWII-inspired bar and its name comes not from the street it’s on, but from from Winston Churchill. See, butch.

The Brooklyn.

We were there for the soft opening. and the place was a good mix, including the crowd, jukebox, and cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, the most interesting drink we tried was the Churchill 75, the bar’s take on the French 75. Although tasty, our favorite was The Brooklyn, which is like a Manhattan but with Bulleit rye, Dolin dry vermouth, Averna, maraschino, bitters, and orange peel. Screw Manhattan: We’re strictly Brooklyn now, at least cocktail speaking.

Overall verdict? A peaceful, stylish place that serves up delicious cocktails for all.

Churchill: 198 Church. Hours: 4 p.m.-2 a.m. daily.

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