Oprah Winfrey-Approved: The Five Best Moscow Mules in San Francisco

24 May

On Wednesday, May 25, Oprah will no longer be seen in her 4 p.m. time slot. Our afternoon bestie for 25 years will exist no more, fled for her own cable network. Her 30-day countdown and goodbyes from famous friends has seen us shedding a few tears. The best thing to dry those tears? Booze! SFoodie has set forth on a countdown all our own: the top five places to get Oprah’s favorite cocktail, a Moscow Mule (vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer, traditionally served on the rocks in a brass cup).

We grabbed our best girlfriends (none as cool as Gayle) and did all five in one night. You get a Moscow Mule, you get a Moscow Mule, you all get a Moscow Mule! Our booze-soaked findings follow.

5. Elbo Room

Elbo Room easily has the biggest Mule for your moolah, coming in at just $7. Plus, the lighting is dark, so anyone can shed a tear on the sly. After all, Oprah taught you that it was okay to cry, but not to break into the “ugly cry.” (Oprah says she did it only once, when she met Mary Tyler Moore.) You may have thought the photobooth in the corner could only double as a makeout closet, but it can also be the private crying room for when the end comes.

UP NEXT: Battling our food addiction at the Tipsy Pig.

4. Tipsy Pig

Oprah introduced the world to the idea of food addiction, thanks to discussing her own battle on air. Which means she should stay far, far away from this place. If you do feel like eating your emotions, the Tipsy Pig serves up a fries with cheese sauce and bacon mac and cheese. It also has a very decent version of the Mule for $9. We’re not sure whether pigs and mules interact much in real life, but here they go together like Oprah and Gayle.

3. Hog & Rocks

Just ask Oprah, whose steady squeeze, Stedman, measures 6-foot-7: size does matter. Sometimes you just want a lot of booze, and thankfully Hog & Rocks allows you to purchase your Moscow Mule by the pitcher at $32 a pop. We thought this version was more puckery than the rest, perhaps due to the fact that it uses fresh lime juice that was squeezed that morning. Still, we’re bitter that Oprah is leaving us, so there’s some catharsis in sipping the sour.

2. Heaven’s Dog


We had heard that Heaven’s Dog serves up the best Mules in town. So imagine our surprise when they weren’t on the menu. Have no fear: Dion (easily the hottest bartender of the night) will whip one up for $10. This was the best Mule of the night — and the only one to provide a sprig of mint, which we are sure Oprah would appreciate.

1. Café des Amis

Was Café des Amis the best Mule of the night? No. But it was by far the best experience. First, we were bummed that we missed $5 Mule happy hour special between 3 and 6 p.m., but then everything else went our way. The Mule was a pricey $11, but when we checked in on Foursquare we got the most awesome special offer ever: a free glass of sparkling wine and a free brownie. We literally got brownie points! Our Mule arrived in the classic copper cup that we were hoping for, and we totally got the whole big O experience. In a day or so, we may no longer have Oprah — but at Café de Amis we had her favorite cocktail, champagne and brownie freebies, and even a celebrity guest. Elisa Donovan, (Amber from Clueless) showed up! It may just be the Mule talking, but she’s, like, so totally nota full-on Monet: “Seen from far away, it’s okay; but up close, it’s a big ol’ mess.”

Elbo Room: 647 Valencia (at 18th St.), 552-7788
The Tipsy Pig: 2231 Chestnut (at Pierce), 292-2300
Hog & Rocks: 3431 19th St. (at San Carlos), 550-8627
Heaven’s Dog: 1148 Mission (at Seventh St.), 863-6008
Café des Amis: 2000 Union (at Buchanan), 563-7700

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