Maverick Extreme-ifies the Butter Burger with the ‘Juicy Lucy’

28 Apr

We first heard about the butter burger at Maverick more than six weeks ago when Thrillist released this mouth-watering video explaining the process. As SFoodie already mentioned, “That’s beef ground with chunks of cold butter, pattied and cooked sous vide with more butter, then browned in butter.”

The new, even more indulgent incarnation of the burger — the Juicy Lucy, with a slice of smoked gouda in the middle of the patty — made its debut this past Tuesday. This ain’t no orange-cheese-injected hot dog, this is quality. Maverick’s chef de cuisine, Matt Brimer, topped himself by topping the Lucy with a slow-cooked egg yolk, sauce gribiche, and watercress.

Your seduction may begin with an aperitif of cava with strawberry and cucumber served in a glass larger than a thimble and smaller than a sake cup. Then the waiter brings out a glass of wine that opens up as you wait for the burger and pairs perfectly with it. The most agonizing part of the buildup? When this buttery burger arrived, the waitress warned us that the chef recommended we wait to bite in, because the cheese inside the patty was way too hot.

The only disappointment that night was the check. We were under the impression that Maverick was continuing its “$17 on 17th” burger-and-wine promotion (17 dollars, 17 butter burgers, Maverick’s location on 17th Street), but the Juicy Lucy, with wine, cost $20. It’s not a major price hike, and we have justified it in our minds as a $10 glass of wine and a $10 burger. But still.

We walked to and from dinner — around four miles total — and we still felt guilty. That’s one rich and decadent burger. Thankfully, Maverick’s only serving a few of these every week. For the next five Tuesdays, the first 17 people to arrive at the restaurant can get the Juicy Lucy, so come at 5:30 when the restaurant opens.

Maverick: 3316 17th St. (at Mission), 863-3061.
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