The Eight Sexiest Women on TV Cooking Shows

15 Apr

Last week SFoodie brought you the hot and hunky men of food television. Today, the companion post so hot it’ll melt your listicle, their sultry female counterparts, the women you’ve watched tying up your meat, sizzling your pot, and making you run your Tivo in slo-mo. We give you the eight sexiest women on TV cooking shows:
8. Aida Mollenkamp

S.F.’s own Aida has that girl-next-door charm and a smile that only Jennifer Garner could compete with. On her Cooking Channel show, FoodCrafters, Aida shares San Francisco treats with the rest of America. No, we’re not talking Rice-A-Roni, but things like Kika’s Treats. Her former show was Ask Aida, but if you ask SFoodie, Aida is worthy of an opera. Or at least an Elton John song.

7. Nadia G

We had the pleasure of meeting Nadia right after Bitchin Kitchen premiered on the Cooking Channel, and we must say we were smitten. The comments on the resulting SFoodie post are among the most mixed we’ve read: You either love Nadia or you hate her ― a lot. We love her punk goddess charms, her hearty food and sense of style, and her voice, which puts her in the ranks of memorable food ladies, along with Julia Child and Rachael Ray.

6. Nigella Lawson


Nigella is a whoa-man ― we find ourselves making the grip-two-gigantic- grapefruits gesture whenever we talk about her. Nigella is voluptuous, womanly in every way, and a real smart class act. Let’s put it this way: Kate Winslet (with hair dyed black) was born to play Nigella on the big screen. We could watch her squeeze lemons and butter toast from here to eternity.

5. Marcela Valladolid


Marcela is the fun young host of Food Channel’s Mexican Made Easy. After hosting cooking shows in her native Spanish, Marcela crossed over via the Martha Stewart version of The Apprentice, and since then her audience has only grown ― not to mention fallen in love with her avocado flan.

4. Claire Robinson

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Claire Robinson. She’s only been hosting Food Network’s 5 Ingredient Fix for a year. She’s like a pot of gumbo: bubbly and smokin’ hot. To put it in the form of an SAT analogy:
Claire Robinson : Nigella Lawson :: Megan Fox : Angelina Jolie
In other words, Claire is the younger, hotter, thinner version, though not as deep, womanly, or seasoned.

3. Bal Arneson

No, she’s not one of Charlie’s goddesses or a Spice Girl, though Bal is Cooking Channel’s Spice Goddess. Growing up in a small village in Punjab, Bal has a knowledge of spices that’s unparalleled. We’re glad to see her and Aarti demystifying Indian food on our screen and looking so good while doing it.

2. Cat Cora

All good superheroes have alliterations in their names ― Cat Cora joins the ranks of Peter Parker and Wonder Woman. It’s no surprise. Cat was the first and only female Iron Chef, and she had kids in a cooler way than just about anybody. For their first child, Cat’s wife carried her embryo, and later they got pregnant at the same time. Quick, somebody make a comic book about this superstar chef!

1. Giada

Giada is Italian-born, low-cut T-shirt-wearing, and a bit lollipoplike, but we wouldn’t mind finding out how many licks it takes to get to the center of her Tootsie Pop. Her tiny frame supports a head with perfect skin and a smile so bright it seems to have the power to conjure birds and butterflies to help her cook a meal. Perfect doll Giada is a Disney princess come to life.

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