Get Your Ass to Oakland for: Homeroom

23 Feb

A series urging SFoodie readers to get their butts out of the Mission. For a couple hours anyway.

Take a good look ― you *will* be tested on this material.

Mac is officially in session: The Bay Area’s first-ever macaroni-and-cheese restaurant unlocked its doors in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood last week, and started dinner service last night.

Trailer Mac, $8.50, with sliced weenies and crumbled potato chips.

Homeroom features a giant blackboard chalked with a map of California that locates breweries, wineries, and creameries, and there are images of tiny paper airplanes carved into the wooden tables ― it’s like being in a classroom all over again. Except this is a school with 10 different kinds of mac and cheese on the menu, plus suggested beer and wine pairings. Vegan and veggie options, too.

SFoodie began with the Trailer Mac ($8.50), with cheddar cheese and Prather Ranch weenie slices, and crushed potato chips on top. We also sampled the Mexican Mac ($8.50) with Star Meats chorizo, chipotles, Jack, and cilantro, served up with a lime wedge. The heat was perfect, and there was this delicious little lime and taco flavoring that recalled our favorite pimple-inducing junk food: a Taco Bell burrito. That, or Chili Cheese Fritos. If only our teenage taste buds had been this sophisticated, and our fake IDs were good enough so we could have enjoyed the cold beers Homeroom offers. Underage? There’s house-made root beer, and optional scoops of Three Twins ice cream.

We recommend ending with the house-made Oreo topped with sea salt ($1.50). It’s good enough to make you smile, but be careful: Smile too fast after chewing and your date will, like, totally see chocolate crumbs in your teeth. Just like in real high school, we would die!

Homeroom: 400 40th St. (at Shafter), Oakland, 510- 597-0400. Open Sun.-Thu., 11 a.m.-2 p.m., and 5-9 p.m.; Fri.-Sat.: 11 a.m.-2 p.m., and 5-10 p.m. No reservations. BART stop: MacArthur. Walking distance: Four blocks east along 40th Street.

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