Lafitte’s Sandwich Built for a King

10 Jan

Lafitte's PBJBF, aka Elvis Lives: peanut butter, jam, foie gras, and bacon, $21.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sometimes the calendar gods shine down on you. Take 2011, which has already brought us New Year’s Day on one Saturday and Elvis’s birthday the next. Both qualified as alcoholidays, days you get to indulge without the limitation of having to get up for work in the morning. And though we missed Saturday’s big birthday party in Graceland, where everyone’s favorite Chilean miner, Edison Peña, was the guest of honor, the spirit of the King was alive and well in San Francisco.

At Lafitte self-styled dissident chef Russell Jackson created a sandwich the King would’ve loved. Everyone knows how Elvis felt about peanut butter sandwiches, and we’ve already declared our love for Lafitte’s foie BLT. Saturday for Elvis’s birthday, Jackson outdid himself with a marriage of the two. The PBJBF, aka Elvis Lives ($21), combined creamy peanut butter, muscato jam, foie gras, and crispy bacon for the kind of sandwich that even at first bite makes your heart skip a beat. But while it no doubt clogged our arteries, the PBJBF left us with the peaceful thought that if we have to go out with a heart attack, this is the way we’d want to go. Jackson plans to leave his epic, last-meal-worthy icon of a sandwich on the menu a while longer, so go and prepare to get all shook up.

Lafitte: Pier 5, the Embarcadero, 839-2134.

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